Kick 'Em When They're Down - 3 Ways to Deal With People Who Enjoy Your Sorrow

Seeking God when you are suffering, Seeking God when others rejoice in your suffering
Job was at his lowest point, having lost his material possessions, his health and his children.

Then his friends came and kicked him while he was down (Job 42:7-9).

Paul was in prison suffering for his faith.

Then some Christian teachers kicked him while he was down (Philippians 1:14-18).

Have you ever been struggling with sorrow or hardship only to have someone kick you while you're down?

Like Job's friends, some people kick with a big foot of bad theology, blaming you without cause.

Others, like Paul's colleagues, kick with a big foot of jealousy, revenge or epicaricacy, hoping to make your pain worse.

When we're hoping for sympathy, it's heart-breaking to get kicked with judgment or jealousy. So what can we do?

1. Seek God, not man, and refuse to accept blame we don't own (Job 27:5). 
2. Seek God's purposes instead of focusing on our hurt (Philippians 1:18-19).
3. Seek God's comfort. When others are kicking, God promises to hold us in His arms (2 Corinthians 1:3-5).

Ever feel like you want an extra minute or two of devotional reading? There are five 1-minute devotions linked to words in this devotion.


  1. Good lesson. I've experienced this and it's a double hurt. But one must consider where the "attack" is coming from and realize it's all from the enemy (the spiritual one) and, therefore, not of God. When God corrects, it's always in a loving way, not an accusing way. Glad you had a link for that new word you found, epicaricacy. Good word. I looked it up anyway, despite the link (just for curiosity) and found that there is also a word from the German, schadenfreude, that means the same thing. Now, to put it to everyday use . . .

  2. Gail, thank you for all the wonderful daily "1-Minute Bible Love Notes" you post. I came across your blog some time ago, possibly through Pinterest, and always enjoy reading your insightful Love Notes. You are a BLESSING! Thank you!

  3. Thank You Gail, You are a Blessing! <3


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