When God Waits and When He Chases

When the prodigal son returns home, his father runs eagerly to embrace him. 

This is the third of three parables in Luke 15 that reveal God's heart for the lost. 

In the first two parables, the shepherd and woman won't rest until they find the lost sheep and coin. 

But in this third parable, the father doesn't chase after his son. 

I think these parables shows two aspects of God's character. 

1. God's business (and ours) is to diligently seek the lost (Luke 19:10). We shouldn't rest until all nations have heard the Truth (Mark 13:10). Because all who seek Him will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13).

2. Some people know about God's love--like the prodigal knew about his father's love, but they turn away. God may not chase after them physically, but He will never forget them and will eagerly wait for their return.

Are you waiting for someone to "return home"? So is God. 

To do a Bite Size Bible Study on this subject, click HERE. These studies are designed for busy people. This one contains only two passages to ponder.

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