Blurry Vision or 20/20?

Jonathan Goforth, missionary to China

I've worn glasses since age twelve. Without them, my world is a blur. 

But there's more than one type of vision, and Jonathan Goforth illustrated this truth. 

After 45 years of mission work in China during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Jonathan Goforth went blind. 

Life in China was difficult and no one would have blamed 74-year-old Goforth if he'd retired to the safety and convenience of his Canadian homeland. Instead, Goforth refused to let his handicap stop him. 

Since he'd memorized most of the New Testament in English and Mandarin, he began Scriptural counseling. 

Goforth was blind in one sense, but spiritually he had excellent vision. 

Without a good knowledge of God's Word, our lives are blurry. Having God's Word "hidden in our hearts" helps us "see" our sins clearly (Psalm 119:11) and we can focus on wisdom and light (Psalm 19:7-11). 

Physical blindness is often untreatable, but spiritual sight can always be improved. 
Source: Jonathan Goforth, An Open Door to China, YWAM publishing
While I recommend this book in the YWAM Christian Heroes series, I do not recommend all of the books in this series.

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Jonathan Goforth, missionary to China

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  1. God Bless this man of God. What a living testimony!
    In Jesus name Amen


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