The Prodigal Understands

Prodigal son, Luke 15:11-19, our unworthiness, Romans 3:12
A woman in my Bible study wasn't sure she was saved. When we talked, she admitted she'd never understood her unworthiness, which is a key in genuine conversion (Romans 3:12).

The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-19) thought he was worthy of an inheritance he hadn't earned. 

He had to realize his unworthiness before he was interested in returning home. This is how his story played out:

First, he took responsibility for himself, getting a job instead of asking for handouts (v.15). 

Second, he came to the end of himself, realizing his poverty (v.16). 

Third, he remembered his father's goodness (v.17). 

Fourth, he realized he'd sinned (v.18). 

Fifth, he admitted he was unworthy to be his father's son (v.19). 

Only then did he understand his need to return home. 

Looking at Scripture, this woman in my Bible study realized she must also take responsibility for herself, realize her spiritual poverty, realize God's goodness, admit she was an unworthy sinner, and humbly ask for mercy (Romans 3).

She and I are both prodigals who've returned home. Are you? 
To learn the real meaning of prodigal (it doesn't mean a wayward person who returns home) check out the Bite Size Bible Study HERE. It's the first in a series. Next week we'll discuss the attitude of the father. Bite Size studies are designed so you "don't bite off more than you can chew." Why not give it a try. 

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