This 1-minute devotion encourages you to ponder the silly question: "Does God get the giggles?" Enjoy!

"Why are you always laughing, Grammy?" my freckle-faced granddaughter asked. 

"Yes!" chimed in her two sisters, all three of them wearing happy smiles. 

My grandchildren bring me such pleasure. They often say or do something so fun and innocent that I get the giggles. They enjoy my laughter almost as much as I do, even when they don’t always understand why I’m laughing. 

I love to hear their laughter too.

Is there anything quite as fun as hearing a baby’s first laugh or taking a drive with a back seat full of giggly little girls? 

I imagine that God sometimes gets the giggles looking at us, and He must enjoy our laughter since He created it.

Since "a merry heart is good like a medicine" (Proverbs 17:22), let’s do our part to overturn the world’s stereotype of a frowning Christian killjoy and spread a little healing today.

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This 1-minute devotion encourages you to ponder the silly question: "Does God get the giggles?" Enjoy!

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  1. Have you ever noticed that once someone starts giggling, you just can't help giggling right along with them? You may not even know what caused the giggling to start, but you can't help yourself! I'm glad your grandkids noticed your "weird" sense of humor!

    1. Yes, Carol, it's contagious for sure. One fun thing I remember about my mom was when she would get the giggles with us.

  2. My serious little babies are just starting to laugh...but very occasionally. There life is all about eating right now...and like babies we sometimes focus too heavily on the issues of our life that cause stress and do not smile just like a baby desperate to nurse. Smiling and laughter is contagious in dispelling stress. Though the problem is still there it dispels stress.

    You make me want to hear you laugh so I can experience your weird sense of humor, LOL!!

  3. My daughter always get giggles when someone has an hilarious little accident :-)

  4. I love how you worded "God created the laugh" very neat blog you have! God bless!

  5. There are few sounds as precious to me right now as my two-year-old nephew's giggle. There are days I feel like I would do almost anything to spark that little laugh!

  6. I know God has a sense of humor because He created porcupines and platypuses!