Press On to a Healthy "Routine" With the Lord

Press On! - A Key to a Healthy Relationship with the Lord

I’ve been a homemaker 42 years, and every day of every week, I do some of the same things I did the day before. Cooking, cleaning, planning and organizing have to be done repeatedly even if done right the first time.

But that’s never kept me from enjoying my home. 

Actually, the only thing that keeps me from enjoying my home is when I fail to keep up with things and they get messy and disorganized. Then I feel stressed.

And this is a good analogy for our spiritual lives. 

Some spiritual disciplines need regular attention (prayer, repentance, fellowship, Bible study). We’ll never be done with them and when we put them off we get stressed with the mess in our souls.

Done regularly, however, they bring us joy and peace.

The key is pressing on.

Our souls are at peace when we “press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of” us (Philippians 3:12-14). 

So, what are we waiting for….let’s press on!

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Press On! - A Key to a Healthy Relationship with the Lord


  1. I love your analogy Gail. I love a clean home and when it is messy so am I! Some days, I think my "spiritual" house is in order and I neglect it for that day, only to end up "spiritually" messy. Thanks for this great reminder - A Christian's need for God and Christ is 24/7! God bless ~

  2. Thank you for this analogy. Yes, I do the same things every day and then again the next day. I liked your reminder to press on as I really needed to hear that. Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this week. You are such a faithful blogger and cyberfriend!!

  3. It's good to visit here again - coming by from The Better Mom Mondays linkup. I certainly identify with you - though sometimes our responsibilities become mundane, it is essential to "press on", keeping up with things that bring peace and purpose. Especially our connection with God, and also the tasks that bring peace in our homes. Thanks for the clear picture you gave of this ... (And I identified with your 42 years - it is the same for me, as a homemaker! How can the years go by so quickly??)

  4. I agree that we need to press on with our daily lives and not give up! thank you for this, Gail!


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