Luke 17:5-10, boring mundane tasks, being faithful in ordinary tasks
Boring, mundane tasks...who needs them? 

Apparently, we do.

In Luke 17:5-10, Jesus explains they are part of our faith walk.

Our faith in Christ includes:
  • Willingness to take on repetitive tasks
  • Willingness to serve without immediate rewards and appreciation
  • Deep awareness of our unworthiness and the Master’s worthiness
God promises to one day say “Well done, good and faithful servant” * to those who serve Him well. And that includes boring daily chores, unappreciative bosses, and lack of recognition for our sacrifices.

Genuine faith focuses on Christ's sacrifices, and realizes our own are insignificant in comparison. I'm praying that I'll have that kind of faith...will you join me?
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* Matthew 25:23 

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  1. Faithful in the little things.... Great post Gail
    God bless

  2. Thank you again, Gail, for another wonderful post to break up my tasks in the middle of the day :-)

  3. Great post Gail, was great to hear your voice! Nice tool! Thanks for sharing! :)


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