10 Reasons Why Complaining is Toxic

10 reasons complaining is toxic, damaging relationships, health and well-being. But there's hope found in Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Complaining is harmful to body and soul...

Sometimes I enjoy a “good complain.”

You know, a little commiserating, self-pity, critical whining. 

But a “good complain” isn't really good at all!
One author offers 10 reasons why complaining is "toxic," especially in a group:

1. It makes things look worse.

2. It becomes habit.

3. It skews our focus.

4. It causes competitive complaining (increasing complaining in others).

5. It makes people despondent.

6. It kills creativity.

7. It rewards negative people.

8. It promotes bad relationships.

9. It creates complaining companions and cliques.

10. It leads to pessimism. *

True! True!

No wonder God tells us:
"Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people."    
Philippians 2:14-15

Another passage that helps us regain perspective is Psalm 103:1-13, remembering the many blessings we receive each day from God.

Dear Lord, help us dwell on our blessings (Philippians 4:8), so we can stop whining and start shining.

* Adapted from Top 10 reasons why constant complaining is so toxic in the workplace

copyright Gail Burton Purath

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10 reasons complaining is toxic, damaging relationships, health and well-being. But there's hope found in Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains.

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  1. OH my gosh!!! I love this!! I think I am going to have to create a printable of
    Dear Lord, help ME to stop whining and start shining.!!!

    1. Amen! I tell my hubby all the time,GOD doesn't like complaining & self-pity! I used to b horrible with it,I'm working on it each day! Great devotion!!

  2. Wow Gail, this is excellent. I'm going to be saving this to go through again. Especially point 2, it becomes a habit, ouch! Great post
    God bless

  3. This is very good! I have a teen son whose humor can take on a complaining tone and I have wanted to talk with him about it. This helps me in addressing it. Thanks!

  4. "Do all things without complaining" - oh, you so got me there. I don't complain "much" just over things that really hurt - but I need to close my mouth on those things. Perfect message for this bloggers imperfect moment!

  5. Have you read Jerry Bridge's Respectable Sins? I was so convicted when he talked about complaining. His point was that when we complain we are really questioning God for putting us in the situation and giving us those particular circumstances. Ouch.

    Elizabeth@Warrior Wives

    1. I haven't read it, Elizabeth, but I will look for it. I enjoy Bridge's writing even though it often has an "ouch" factor.

  6. I know this is an old post, but it was so needed this week dealing with a difficult to get along with neighbour. Thank you.

  7. Really needed to read this today...not enough shining too much whining...prayed for Godly wisdom and discernment... and our faithful heavenly father delivered again!

  8. I needed to hear this also. Guilty as charged. Yet, sometimes I do feel we need to recognize what's wrong to be able to do something about it. Yet, that is different than complaining but can be confused with it.

  9. I'm guilty of this too.....Lord, help me to quit whining & start shining in the name of Jesus....Amen!!

  10. Lord help me to quit complaining

  11. I agree with every word of this

  12. This has really given me a different perspective on complaining,dear Lord Jesus please help me never to complain and have faith in you.