Love Language Gifts

Gifts that speak your husband's love language
Give a gift that speaks your spouse's love language!
In a previous post Speaking Your Spouse's Love Language, I discussed Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Language concept. This post will discuss specific ideas for each love language.

But I also want to add some perspective from my experiences as a wife of 42 years. While early in our marriage, my husband and I both exhibited more obvious love language preferences, I think they have changed, mellowed and melded over the years.

Chapman believes that certain periods in life can make us enjoy a love language that is not our primary love language (for example: acts of service for a busy mom of pre-schoolers or physical touch when recovering from grief). But he believes our primary love language stays the same.

Perhaps it stays the same, but we grow to appreciate the other love languages more equally.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

And, from my experience, there comes a time in a healthy marriage when all of the love languages blend and flow naturally according to your needs. I think all 5 love languages are important in a healthy marriage. 

But, that doesn't mean we can't choose gifts that speak to a specific love language. So here's some ideas:

1. Words of Affirmation
  • Create a wall hanging for your bedroom with words and phrases that express your spouse’s good qualities. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is to create the words on the computer and decoupage them to an inexpensive canvas.
  • Buy a handsome journal and hand-write specific things you appreciate about your spouse with personal examples. Promise to add something each week.
2. Acts of Service
  • Create a coupon book with acts of service your husband especially enjoys. Mine would include manicures because my husband loves to have me file his nails. What would your spouse enjoy?
3. Receiving Gifts
  • Save all year so you can indulge your husband as much as your budget allows (don’t go into debt.) And hunt for bargains so you can give more value.
  • If he enjoys quantity more than quality, fill a wicker laundry basket with scores of small, inexpensive gifts.
  • Put thought into whatever you give.
4. Quality Time
  • Give him a "get-away" even if it’s simply arranging for a friend to watch your children for the weekend while you stay at home, snuggle, read together, hang out, and talk.
  • If possible, take him aside on Christmas day and give your gifts one-on-one. Arrange nap time and meals with this purpose in mind.
5. Physical Touch
  • Give him coupons for massages, back rubs, and maybe even a kissing date overlooking a scenic view. We used to call it “making out” but I’m not sure that term has the same meaning today.
  • When you give him your gift and open his, make sure you thank him with a long kiss and hug.
Now it's time to share your ideas. Please identify the love language with each idea you share in the comment section.

Source: 5 Love Languages with Gary Chapman

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  1. Great, practical suggestions Gail. I"m inspired!

  2. I just joined you as a follower. I found you on Better Mom Monday. I love the way these love languages can gifts---very timely. Please see my blog on Preparing for Christmas:


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