Misunderstandings About God's Love

This collection of devotions addresses some popular views of God's love that are not biblical.

For several decades, Christians have been confused by secular definitions of love. These posts address those errors, especially the use of the word "unconditional" to describe God's love. But be aware of this fact: once you're learned the unconditional error, it can be difficult to give it up. These posts will only help if you are willing to make God's Word your highest source of truth.

Cut and Paste Holiness

"Cut and paste" practices are a serious threat to Christian faith, and they are becoming more prevalent. This 1-minute devotion explains.

God is Not a Permissive Granddad

Christians need to understand God's true character and quit believing He's a permissive granddad.


This devotion discusses the different types of love and the meaning of Agape.

Is God's Love Unconditional?

People think it's an insult to say God's love isn't unconditional. But it's actually an insult to say it is. Scripture never uses that description.

God's Love is Better than Unconditional

This devotion explains why the word "unconditional" causes many misunderstandings about God's love.

Scripture Never Calls God's Love "Unconditional"

Why "Unconditional" is not a Biblical Description of God's Love and why it leads to many misunderstandings.


A Misleading Description of God's Love

This devotion describes an extremely popular but misleading description of God's love and questions why Christians continue to use this description.

Q & A  About Unconditional Love

Questions and Answers Regarding the most popular (but inaccurate) description of God's Love.


This short devotion explains what Scripture says about Forgiveness. Don't be misled by false views.

This collection of devotions addresses some popular views of God's love that are not biblical.

Additional Resources:

Is God's Love Unconditional? by R.C. Sproul

Is God's Love Unconditional? by Berean Publishers

Myth: God Loves You Unconditionally by Bob Russell

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