Cut & Paste Holiness - Danger for God's People

1 Peter 1:16, Be holy, God is holy, without holiness we won't see God
image: Billy Frank Alexander
We can't obey God's commands only when we feel like it...

"I don’t think the biggest threat to our theology is humanism or the host of world religions. Our biggest threat is cut-and-paste Christianity. If man places his faith in a god he has recreated in his own image, has he placed his faith in God at all?" — Beth Moore

Have we Christians created false images of God? 

I believe we have. 

We take Bible passages out of context, emphasizing certain aspects of God's character and ignoring others. 

Some misunderstandings come from the popular definition of God's love as "unconditional." This word, which isn't used in Scripture, leads many to believe that God has no expectations of His children. But the Bible sets us straight.

We serve a God who is perfectly loving and perfectly righteous. He hates sin, expects us to be holy (Hebrews 12:14), and rebukes and punishes those He loves (Hebrews 12:4-11). 

We must make it our goal to please the God of the Bible, not the gods of our imaginations.


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