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A Collection of 1-minute devotions about Thanksgiving

These are devotions relating to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Genuine Thankfulness – 1 Timothy 6:7: Genuine thankfulness is often found in the most unlikely of places. This 1-minute devotion explains and offers Scriptural insights.

3 Steps to Spiritual Success: These 3 short verses offer incredible wisdom: 3 Steps to Spiritual Success. Be encouraged!

Let’s Take Back Thanksgiving!! Inspiration and ideas for focusing on Christ and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Attitude: Secular studies confirm what God has been saying all along. This 1-minute devotion explains gratitude from a Biblical perspective.

Gratitude Born of Pain: We often associate gratitude with obvious blessings, but the original Thanksgiving was based on something else.

God's Different Methods of CommunicationSince Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, it made me think of the phrase "talkin' turkey."

Talking about Turkey and God's Creativity: In preparation for Thanksgiving, ponder these things about God's creation.

Popcorn, Thanksgiving, and Heaven Have Something in Common: A wonderful message from the Thanksgiving celebration.

5 Kernels of Corn: This true story about the Pilgrims will bless you and build your faith.

Don't Give God Your LeftoversA spiritual truth worth remembering when we dig into those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Black Friday and Good Friday: An interesting comparison of Black Friday and Good Friday.

A Collection of 1-minute devotions about Thanksgiving


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