YOUR VOTE: Can You Legislate Morality? 3 Important Considerations

Christians should consider these 3 things when dealing with political issues.

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Governments around the world are deciding their fate based on the laws they enforce and the morals they uphold. In the U.S., we're facing an upcoming election where moral values are front and center.

So let me share some cautions:

Don't be taken in by misunderstandings about separation of church and state.

The U.S. founding fathers refused to set up an official government church, but they had no intention of separating government from godly principles and biblical values. 

It takes very little research to confirm the strong biblical emphasis in early American politics. (See The Truth about Separation of Church and State.)

Every government is based on laws and principles defining its moral or immoral values.

Don't fall for the You can't legislate morality” excuse.

We can't change people's hearts. But we can “legislate morality” by prohibiting certain behaviors and punishing people who do evil things. 

If we believe in laws against rape and theft, we should believe in laws against abortion and underage transgender mutilation. (See A Holiday Mocking Our Lord.) 

In all areas of life, including politics, we’re commanded to contend for our faith. (See Jude 31 Timothy 6:12; Philippians 1:27-28.)

Our loyalty first and foremost must be to biblical principles that protect the innocent and honor godly values. (See Proverbs 24:11-12 and Proverbs 31:8-9).  


What you can expect from Bible Love Notes regarding politics

We want to make it clear: if we write about political parties or candidates, it will only be as they are directly related to biblical issues. We will not be addressing the personal lifestyles, motives, or faith of any candidate, Republican or Democrat. We'll be addressing the policies they promote as they relate to Scripture.

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Christians should consider these 3 things when dealing with political issues.

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