What? Hide God's Word? Why Would We Want to Do That?

An encouraging, inspiring 1-minute devotion explaining the meaning and importance of "Hiding God's Word in our Hearts."

Today I'm sharing a devotion from my book Wisdom for Life. *

Why Would We Hide It?

I once taught a Bible study to a woman who was learning English as her second language. 

I read Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you,” and before I could explain the meaning, she asked why we would want to hide God’s Word. Great question.

Typically, we think of hiding as a way of concealing something from others, something we’re ashamed of or some treasure we don’t want to share. But Psalm 119:11 isn’t talking about concealment. Quite the opposite. The Hebrew word for “hide” (tsaphan) is used in this verse to mean “treasure up.” When we realize that God’s Word is like pure gold for our souls, we cannot help but treasure it and want it stockpiled in our hearts (Psalm 119:127). 

We want it to be more than an external influence. We want Scripture to become part of our being so it shines out of us in everything we do and everything we say. Then, as the psalmist explains, it will keep us from sinning against the Lord. 

So, how do we hide Scripture in our hearts? We regularly read, study, memorize, and recite it. Then when we need direction, comfort, or encouragement, we can depend on all that we’ve “hidden” to fill our thoughts with biblical instruction, guidance, warning, and comfort. 

Are you hiding God’s Word in your heart or hiding it on an unused bookshelf? 

For Further Thought

Years ago, I discovered that “hiding God’s Word in my heart” could help me deal with my sins. I look for Scriptures dealing with a sin I’m struggling to overcome, write pertinent verses on three-by-five cards, and go over the verses several times a day, meditating on their wisdom. It sounds simplistic, but when we’re sincere, it works. That’s because the Bible is alive, accomplishing God’s purposes, changing those who dwell on it (Heb. 4:12; Isa. 55:10–11; Col. 3:16).

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An encouraging, inspiring 1-minute devotion explaining the meaning and importance of "Hiding God's Word in our Hearts."

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