Shining With the Light of Christ

A great collection of one-minute devotions to encourage Christians to "Shine" the light of Christ.

Bible Love Notes recently started posting a collection of devotions one Saturday a month. Each collection has a theme, and today's collection addresses shining the light of Christ. You can use these devotions for family or small group study or for personal encouragement.
Scripture tells Christians to let our light shine...the light of Christ within us. These one-minute devotions will inspire you with various truths about shining!
Riding a tram in a busy city, I was struck by the lost and unhappy people all around me. I asked a question all of us should be asking. 
If you want to be inspired by some wonderful saints who loved God passionately, read this devotion!
This 1-minute devotion explains 7 Ways to Shine for Christ. Are you shining in the darkness, dear Christian?
Don’t underestimate the power message in this children’s song. Sing it, ponder it, and enjoy it!
Why not focus on Jesus as soon as you wake up. This 1-minute devotion offers 6 ideas for waking up in a "Jesus mood." 
God has no favorites, but He reveals Himself to some people and not others. This 1-minute devotion explains why.

Whiners and Shiners We all have a choice when we face difficulties. Do you know what Ephesians 5:8 says about people with genuine faith?
Many passages talk about God’s light shining on us. This 1-minute devotion addresses an important result in the lives of Christians.
If we think we can be "Silent Partners" when it comes to our faith, we're mistaken. This devotion offers wisdom. 

This is an area where many Christians selfishly ignore a Biblical command that would make them "shine" with their friends. 
Christ gave us a strong warning about our words which we must not forget. This 1-minute devotion explains. If you have time, this devotion also has a Bite Size Bible Study called Does Your Speech Reflect the Light of Christ?
When we live for Christ "Shining our Light" we must expect two reactions, one more often than the other.

Biblical, concise, affordable devotional

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A great collection of one-minute devotions to encourage Christians to "Shine" the light of Christ.


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