How Can You Shine Today?

How Can You Shine For the Lord Today?

When we lived in Budapest, Hungary, we regularly rode public transportation.

One evening while riding the tram, I started thinking about “shining.”

At each stop, we picked up lost and confused people.

An immodestly dressed woman boarded at one stop. Her thick make-up couldn’t disguise the sadness in her eyes.

Behind her was a man with painful-looking piercings on his face and evil emblems on his clothing. He looked defiant, but I wondered what was in his heart.

At the next stop a group of young people boarded. Holding bottles of wine, they were laughing and flirting. I wondered what emptiness their laughter was hiding.

God commands us to shine like stars in a "warped and crooked generation" (Matthew 5:16Philippians 2:14-15). 

I asked myself how I could "shine" on that tram ride.

I'm not going to share the answer to my question, but I'm going to ask you a question.

How can you shine today in your circumstances? 
These devotions might help you answer this question:
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How Can You Shine For the Lord Today?


  1. By being a helper, offering a word of encouragement holding open a door, smiling, etc. There are so many ways to show God’s love to people we come in contact with today. I love this reminder, Gail, thank you for BLN. Have a blessed day.

  2. Fill my heart Lord with your love and compassion!Only God can fill me so I can overflow.... And I must be able to be emptied of self, myself.... The more I am in His Word and His Presence , the Holy Spirit can soften hearts...


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