Propaganda that "Clobbers" God's Loving Warnings

Beware of this propaganda in the church, discrediting passages of Scripture in God's divinely inspired Word.

What can people do if they profess to be Christians but reject something Scripture teaches?

They can admit they're not really believers or they can claim that Bible scholars throughout history have misunderstood clear teachings in Scripture. Then, if they wanted to shame anyone who disagrees with them, they could make up a rude name for the passages they reject, a name like “clobber passages.” 

And that's exactly what gay revisionists have done with passages like Romans 1:16-32 which clearly explains that homosexuality separates people from God and damages people's hearts and souls. 

If Romans 1 “clobbers” anyone, it's clobbering them with life-saving truth that can save their souls and set them free from the bondage of sin and death.

But gay-affirming teachers want to shame anyone who uses these perfect, loving, wise, and purposeful words of God.

It's dramatically prophetic that Paul began this passage about homosexuality by proclaiming this truth:

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16).

If we care about people's souls, we won't sugarcoat the truth and comfort” them with Satan's hateful lies. We'll warn them of God's judgment and help them seek forgiveness and new life in Christ.



✔ We can clobber people with any Bible verse if we do it hatefully or self-righteously, but that's not why these verses are called clobber passages. In the articles I've read these passages are discredited because gay-affirming false teachers claim they don't actually prohibit LGBTQ lifestyles. Instead, these gay-affirming teachers believe that millions of Christians throughout history have misunderstood the real meaning of these passages. That is a common claim of false teachers. They treat Scripture like a puzzle that doesn't mean what it says. See 3 Characteristics of False Teachers.

Please read Natural and Unnatural Interpretations and Comparing Apples and Rocks so you can recognize how gay revisionists have twisted the meaning of Romans 1 to fit their agenda.

Andy Stanley didn't invent the term, but he's one of the influential people using it (source). To read more about Stanley's journey away from biblical teachings, see Have We Misjudged Andy Stanley?

Beware of this propaganda in the church, discrediting passages of Scripture in God's divinely inspired Word.

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