Fearing God Collection

These 1-minute devotions explain what it means to fear God and how a healthy fear of God plays out in our lives.

These one-minute devotions explore some of the many aspects of a healthy fear of God. You can read these during your quiet times, share them with a friend, or read through them with your small group. I pray they will help you explore and enjoy various elements of your faith in Christ!

God-Fearers Truly Understand God's Perfect Love

Understanding the concept of "fearing the Lord" is important because it's based on a deep love for the Lord.


God-Fearers Believe in God's Wrath and Respect It

Genuine God-fearing believers are not ashamed of God's wrath. This devotion reveals why.



God-Fearers Delight in God's Commands and Trust Them Completely

If you want to know why God-fearers delight in God's commands, please read this one-minute devotion. 


God-Fearers Become Wise, Discerning Good from Evil

Christians who fear God have a type of wisdom others don't have.

Why God-Fearers Share the Lord with Others

What motivates a Christian to share Christ with others? Read this one-minute devotion to find out.


God-Fearers Are Always Seeking to Know God Better

Do you know what God-fearers are seeking every week, every day, and every hour?


God-Fearers Enjoy Blessings Known Only to God-Fearers

Do you know about the wonderful blessings God gives to those who fear Him?


These 1-minute devotions explain what it means to have a healthy fear of God, a type of fear that gives strength and meaning to our faith.


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