A Bible Love Note's Reader Expresses her Excitement for Wisdom for Life!

“I am very much looking forward to the book version of Bible Love Notes. It has been a very helpful tool in my spiritual life and to have it in book format will be even better, I can't wait to read it.”  ~ Shana Walker, Jamaica.

Shana is talking about Wisdom for Life, the new devotional book written by the author of the online devotional ministry, Bible Love Notes. Find out more about it here: Wisdom for Life

A note from Gail Purath, the author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for life:

Wisdom for Life is designed to give you a deeper appreciation for the books of Psalms and Proverbs. 

These Old Testament wisdom books have so much to offer, and Wisdom for Life shares truths that are relevant for both new and mature believers.

Just like the devotions on Bible Love Notes, the devotions in Wisdom for Life only take one minute to read, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. But the book offers even more - a “For further thought” section so you can dig deeper when you have the time. 
If you'd like to read the first 4 devotions before buying Wisdom for Life, you can do that by clicking "look inside" or "read sample" on Amazon or Lifeway. To find out where you can order it in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines, see It's Not for the Money.
When you purchase Wisdom for Life, you get a free bonus: a download with  two Bible studies based on the devotions in the book.
My prayer is that this book will be used to draw readers closer to the Lord.    
~ Gail
P.S. I also encourage you to read 10 Reasons You'll Love Wisdom for Life.

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