Bible Love Notes First Thing in the Morning!

Don't miss this great book of 1-minute devotions!
“I truly wait for my daily Bible Love Notes email! It is the first thing I go to every morning before anything else. I start my day with the Bible Love Note devotion. It focuses my mind and heart on the Father and helps me to remember that I am a beloved child of Christ! Thank you for these sweet moments! I can't wait for the Wisdom For Life book to be released!  ~Renna Peer, Litchfield, Maine 

I'm so blessed to have readers like Renna who encourage me to write my 1-minute devotions on Bible Love Notes and who have been encouraging me for years to write a book.

After 11 years of writing online devotions, a Christian publishing agent contacted me and encouraged me to write a book. Within a few months B&H/Lifeway publishers gave me a contract, and Wisdom for Life became a reality.

Gail Purath, author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for Life.
Please go to the Wisdom for Life landing page and discover what books of the Bible it covers and the extra features it provides. In addition, find out about the free Bible studies you can download when you purchase Wisdom for Life. In addition, You can actually read the first four devotions in the book on Lifeway or Amazon by clicking "look inside" or "read sample."

Please join me in praying that God uses Wisdom for Life to draw people closer to Himself. ~ Gail

P.S. I also encourage you to read 10 Reasons You'll Love Wisdom for Life.

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