3 Methods of False Teachers

Many False Teachers use these 3 methods to deny Bible truths.

False teachers attract followers by
approving things that God forbids (Romans 1:32; 2 Timothy 4:3). They have a "form of godliness" but deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5). 

When they want to deny a biblical principle, they usually resort to one or all of these methods: 

1. They claim a command is cultural when it's not cultural.

Even though a command may have multiple cross-references, clear language, and solid principles, false teachers claim it only applied in Bible times. The most popular commands to deny are those which offend our modern culture.(1)

2. They claim the command/principle couldn’t be from God because it’s harmful or hurtful

This is part of the “shame game” and involves highlighting bad examples and using negative descriptions. We call it bigotry when people judge a race, gender, profession, or nationality by the worst examples. But it’s an essential method of false teachers. 

3. They claim that Christians have misunderstood an important Bible truth for 2000 years

This requires a very low view of God because it means God wrote His Word knowing it would be misunderstood for centuries, and He did nothing to correct it.

Beware of these methods!


(1) Old Testament and New Testament commands are very different. While there are only a few examples of cultural commands in the New Testament, there are many examples in the Old Testament. In addition, there are Old Testament dietary, sacrificial, cleansing, and civil laws that were fulfilled in Christ. To read about a teaching that misapplies Old Testament laws, see All or Nothing: Christ's Complete Fulfillment of the Law

Many False Teachers use these 3 methods to deny Bible truths.

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