I'm Not Listening

Psalm 66:18-20, God would not listen
Sitting in a coffee shop, I was pondering Psalm 66:18-20:
"If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened."

I didn't fully understand how God could stop listening.

Just then, a mother and daughter sat down at the booth next to me. 

The little girl climbed happily into her mom's lap and began eating a muffin.

“Don’t take such big bites,” her mother warned, “You’ll make yourself sick.”

To my surprise, the child glanced at her mom defiantly and stuffed the rest of the muffin into her small mouth.

“Time out!” her mom said moving her from her lap to a chair. “You didn’t listen to me.”

With a mouth full of muffin, the child began protesting.

“I’m not listening,” her mother responded.

Aha! That's what Psalm 66 means.

When we defy God, He puts us in “time out” to get our attention. He still loves us, but He stops 'listening' until we are ready to give up our rebellion and climb back into His lap.


  1. I love this illustration! It makes all the sense in the world. Thank you!

  2. Such a vivid illustration of this Psalm, Gail!!

  3. Your small devotions are always packed with alot of insight,wisdom and encouragement 😀 thankyou. God has definately prepared you for the task ahead and this ministry He has given you in reaching so many. Thankyou

  4. What a great analogy of God's unconditional & never ending love he has for us all.


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