Listen and Answer Carefully

giving cheerfully, giving to God
Miss Wetherford was superintendent of a girls' reform school in the late 1800's. When she heard of Rowland Bingham's mission work in Africa, she told him she had once offered herself for mission work but her church turned her down. 

"Since that time, I have been living for missions," she said. 

Wetherford had saved everything she earned beyond what she needed for her bare necessities. And she'd also saved a small inheritance she'd received. 

When she gave it all to Bingham, he told her he couldn't take her last dollar. What if she had needs? 

"But what else can I do with it, Mr. Bingham? I feel God has earmarked it for you, so I cannot keep it for myself, can I?" 

Her words convict me, speaking across the centuries.

And God adds: "open your eyes and look at the fields!" John 4:34-36 

God daily asks us questions about our resources, priorities, values, and love for Him. Let's listen and answer prayerfully. 

This true story from Rowland Bingham, Into Africa's Interior by Janet and Geoff Benge


  1. What a nice slice of history you shared! Thank you ~

  2. I really enjoyed this devotion. I don't think we are thinking and sacrificing enough for missions these days. Your audio devotions are done so well and I love the relaxing and friendly sound of your voice.

  3. Yes, yes, Gail. The fields are white and ready for harvest. But we're wasting lots of time on things that don't matter and burning up energy on boards, committees, meetings, and etc.

    Dear God ... give us discerning hearts and clear-visioned eyes. Amen!

  4. If you can't do it yourself, put it into the hands of the ones who can!!!


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