Arguing With Worldly Success and Seeking Spiritual Success - Matthew 6:33

Seek First God's kingdom, Matthew 6:33
"You can't argue with success."

This popular statement is sometimes true, sometimes not.

We can argue with success when it's based on false motives, unethical practices, or poor values.

But when success is based on godly values, we can't argue with it.

Well, we shouldn't argue with it. 

But sometimes we still do.

Christian success is not necessarily determined by visible results. The prophet Jeremiah was successful even though he was ignored and despised. 

Spiritual success is based on faithfulness:

1. Seeking God's Kingdom first (Matthew 6:33).

2. Conforming to God's ways (Romans 12:2).

3. Humbly accepting godly advice (Proverbs 13:8).

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