300 Uses for the Peanut

George Washington Carver, peanut, discovery, Science, African American
When George Washington Carver asked God to reveal the secrets of the universe, God told George that he was too small to grasp the secrets of the universe. Instead, God would show him the secrets of the peanut.

Carver, born a slave in 1864, discovered over 300 uses for the peanut thus revolutionizing agriculture in the South.

Six Peanut Facts:
  1. They’re legumes, not nuts
  2. Sometimes called “goobers” after the African name “nguba”
  3. Today more than half of peanut production in the U.S. is for peanut butter
  4. Peanuts are rich in oleic acids which lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good (HDL)
  5. They’re a good source of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  6. Boiling enhances antioxidants (Southerners boil peanuts when they're still green)
    Carver asked God for wisdom and it changed the world.
    Take time today to ask God for wisdom for your life! (James 1:5*) It could change your world too!

    Other resources: About.com,  Nutrition and you.com
    George Washington Carver
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    1. Where can I read more about all the uses of the peanuts?

      1. Here's a couple of resources that might help:

        I hope those resources help.
        George Washington Carver was an amazing Christian!

    2. Let me add this one:


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