Don't Listen to Doubters!

What to Expect when taking on a Huge Spiritual problem

Expect negative feedback when you decide to conquer a "giant" task for God or fight a "giant" spiritual battle.

When David decided to take on Goliath, David's oldest brother Eliab mocked him (1 Samuel 17:28-31).*

Then King Saul said it was impossible for David to kill Goliath.

David insisted God would protect him. But King Saul thought heavy armor was the best protection (1 Samuel 17:33,38).

If we want to defeat Goliaths in our lives, we'll also face opposition. It might be jealous Eliabs or authoritative King Sauls. It might even be well-meaning but misguided friends. 

They may mock us, discourage us, or encourage us to trust man-made armor (i.e. someone or something other than God).  

Perhaps they've ignored God's plans, given Satan a foothold, or refused to deal Biblically with their sins. And they resent us for doing what they haven't done.

But we can take our cues from David, ignore them, and move forward!

* One chapter earlier, the Bible explained that Eliab had an ungodly heart (2 Samuel 16:6-7), and this situation revealed his heart. For some more interesting facts about this situation you might enjoy this 1-minute devotion: Sometimes We Don't Have a Clue. And these 1-minute devotions address other principles related to this devotion: Satan's Pop-Up Ads and I Can't Change.

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What to Expect when taking on a Huge Spiritual problem


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