"Jumpers" - Christians Who Inspire and Scare Us

"Jumpers" - Those Evangelist-Types Who Inspire Us and Scare Us - Matthew 14:22-23

Some people jump boldly into evangelism, but most of us don't...

Most of us are fearful of evangelizing because of jumpers.

We think of jumpers as the only "real evangelists."

What I mean by "jumpers" is those who evangelize with Peter-style personalities.

Peter was passionate, impulsive, and bold, and he:
  • jumped out of the boat to join Jesus walking on the water. Matt.14:22-33
  • jumped up and cut off a man's ear at Christ's arrest. John 18:10
  • jumped off the boat when he saw the resurrected Christ on shore. John 21:7
"Jumpers" - Those Evangelist-Types Who Inspire Us and Scare Us - Matthew 14:22-23
On Pentecost, it's no surprise he was the first one who jumped to his feet and addressed the crowd (Acts 2). 

There are jumpers in the modern Church too--wonderful, bold evangelists--passionate and effective. But they aren't the only "real evangelists." 

There were 12 very different Apostles, and Peter was only one of them. 

And there are more than 12 ways to share Christ.

There's no use trying to be a jumper if we're not one, and we can't cop out by thinking we don't need to evangelize because the jumpers have got it covered.

Instead, let's ask God to reveal our style of evangelism and begin employing it!

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