Are You Fireproof? Revelation 21:6-8

circle of safety during prairie fires, frontier fires, Jesus saves us from the unquenchable fire
Christians are saved from the fires of Hell because of Christ's sacrifice...

In pioneer days, fires were an ever present danger to frontier farmers. 

When the prairie grasses became dry and parched, the whole prairie became kindling. Huge walls of flames rolled over acre after acre destroying everything in their path.

Wise frontiersmen prepared for this natural disaster by burning a band around their property and keeping foliage from growing in that area. Then, when they saw glistening flames on the horizon, they started fires outside that ring to move toward the inferno and safely away from their inner circle of life. 

But not all frontiersmen were this wise. Some were too busy to notice the flames on the horizon and some did not know how to keep themselves safe.

What a picture this is of our location in Christ. The flames have already consumed our Savior, and we stand firmly in the safety of His New Life.

Let's thank God today for our fireproof security and pray for those unaware of the safe spot Jesus provides (Revelation 21:6-8).
D.L. Moody used a similar story when he shared the Gospel. To read more about this frontier method of fire protection: Prairie Fires 


  1. Wow, just today I was talking to someone who was so afraid for the world to end in a terrible way. I told her about Gods promise of a new heaven and earth and that we do not need to fera when we belong to Him!


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