Good and Wrong

How we form our values, do we form values by people's opinions or God's Word, changing values in the Church
I used to live next door to a couple who weren't married but living together. They were good neighbors.

Once I was in an organization with a woman who was a cult member. She was kind and helpful.

I know people who want nothing to do with God, but they're loving and generous.

Why am I telling you this?

I recently read that many churches have changed their views about divorce because respected members have gotten divorced without Biblical reasons. 

And the newest trend is for churches to change their view about cohabitation and same sex relationships because loved ones or church members are living together or gay. 

These churches either decide that Bible scholars for thousands of years have misunderstood Scripture, or they question the validity of Scripture altogether. They don't understand that God's commands always have been and always will be healthier and more loving than the world's philosophies.

Do friends and family determine your moral values? Or do you trust our All Knowing, Unchanging, Loving God?

To see that God's Word is quite clear about sexual behavior, read this collection of passages on immorality or check out the Bible Study "Take a Bath" that includes a number of resources in the insight section.

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  1. Very good and insightful. I was looking for the right words to relay this exact subject to someone whom I love very much ... I appreciate the help! God bless.


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