Going With the Flow or Staying on The Narrow Path

We Can Go With the Flow or Stay on The Narrow Path of the Lord - Matthew 7:13-14

Jeremiah 6:16 tells us to take the narrow path...

I left my husband at the airport and traveled home at the legal speed limit. At times it seemed I was standing still as cars passed me left and right.

I sometimes feel like that when it comes to my moral values too. 

The world is traveling high speed away from God's loving commands, and Christians are the only ones "obeying the law." 

Many on the highway of life approve abortion, assisted suicide, homosexuality, premarital sex and other things that contradict Biblical vaues.(1)

We Can Go With the Flow or Stay on The Narrow Path of the Lord - Matthew 7:13-14
They consider God's commands irrelevant, outdated, old-fashioned, archaic, ridiculous, or unreasonable.

But the Lord says "Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16 (AMP)

The flow of traffic is on the broad highway that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14).

I'm praying God will help me to stay on that narrow path and not be distracted by the flow of traffic on my right and left (Proverbs 4:27). How about you?
(1) What God's Word says about:
abortion ~ assisted suicide ~ homosexuality ~ premarital sex 

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  1. The road to Truth is steep and narrow. It reminds me to the story, The Tortoise and The Hare.
    Just keep on, keeping on and you'll have the Truth to the finish.

    1. Never thought of that analogy, Christine. Always appreciate your insights.

    2. I totally agree with you and may God bless! ¤

  2. I agree with you. When I consider the explosive advancement in technology that my generation has witnessed in a mere 20 years, I also cannot help but compare the erosion of ethics that has accompanied it.


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