Mr. Ed

Knee walker, crutches, God is just a crutch, religion is just a crutch, we are all broken and need God
In 2009, I broke my ankle and wasn't able to put weight on it for 6 weeks. During my recovery, I used the most wonderful little contraption called a knee-walker.* 

Were it not for "Mr. Ed" as I called my knee-walker, I'd have been confined to a wheel chair, unable to exercise, and my legs would have atrophied worse than they did. 

This makes me think of the criticism some people make of Christianity: "It's just a crutch." 

"Just a crutch." 

Whoever introduced this phrase obviously never needed crutches. 

Like knee walkers, crutches help broken people get on with life, help them walk, help them exercise their strong muscles while healing their injuries.

Yes, I'm spiritually broken, and God is my crutch knee walker! And He makes my life fuller (John 10:10).

on my knee walker
How about you?

* Because I'd also badly sprained my other ankle, I was unable to use crutches. The knee walker (pictured to the right) is like a scooter. You push yourself along with one foot while resting the injured foot on the cushion.

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