Have a Wordy Week!

God's Word, Wordiness vs. Worldliness
To a writer, "wordy" is a negative criticism and a huge weakness. 

We writers love the sound of words and phrases and sentences and often get carried away. 

But I propose a positive meaning for "Wordiness" with a capital W

We can have a Wordy morning by drinking in several passages of Scripture along with our morning coffee. 
We can remain Wordy throughout the day by pondering verses we've memorized or posting them in visible places in our home, car or office.* 
We can make Wordy decisions by testing all other advice against God's Word. 
And we can use Wordy therapy to deal with our passions, lusts, fears, insecurities and anger. 

Worldliness comes naturally. It's part of our fallen human nature, our old man (Ephesians 4:22-24). 

Wordiness requires deliberate attitudes and actions to renew our minds in God's Word (Romans 12:1-2). 

Well, before I get wordy, I'll wish you a Wordy Monday and a Wordy week. 
*Post-it notes are a great way to do this.


  1. You are so clever ... and wise. Yes, I want to have a Wordy week ... and life!

  2. Oh, this is so good today! And I agree with Dawn...wise and inspired by God! Thank you!

  3. Very clever and wise , indeed! Love this- plus my word for the year is Renewal, and my verse (es) is Romans 12:1-2

    1. Renewal is a great theme word, Dawn, and I love Romans 12:1-2.
      : )

  4. Thank you, Gail, for always making me think! You are a blessing.


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