We Should Seek Accurate Theology - Acts 17:11

We should be like the Bereans, checking everything against God's Word...

“We are all theologians, either good ones or bad ones. I'd rather be a good one. Wouldn't you?” ― Randy Alcorn, Courageous

Sometimes I'm surprised by the confidence we have when we express theological principles without first checking Scripture. And I'm not talking about unbelievers. I'm talking about you and me who believe and confess to trust the Bible.

Many of the statements popular among Christians are based on error. That's because we often get our theology from people instead of the Bible. 

Good and bad theology, Bereans checked with Scripture, Acts 17:17I'm not saying we shouldn't let others teach us, but it always comes down to checking everything we hear by Scripture, just like the faithful Bereans (Acts 17:11).

Since theology means "the study of the nature of God," we should all be good theologians. And we become good theologians by listening to God's Words first and foremost.

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