What's Love Got To Do With It?

King David blew it and Many Today are Doing the Same

In 1984, Tina Turner belted out the lyric "What's love got to do with it?" in a song that expressed confusion about love and physical attraction.

Most Americans are similarly confused.

Statistics show that most people are involved in premarital and/or extramarital affairs at some time during their lives.* But physical relationships minus love are nothing new. King David lusted after Bathsheba and paid a hefty price in his personal and political life (2 Samuel 11-12).
  • Genuine love involves friendship and respect. David and Bathsheba were strangers.
  • Genuine love involves honesty. David and Bathsheba’s relationship was built on deception which grew as time went on and ended in murder.
  • Genuine love involves marriage. David and Bathsheba were not committed to each other when they committed adultery.
What did love have to do with it? Nothing.

It was lust.

In contrast, God's commands about sexual behavior come from His heart of perfect love, honesty and commitment to His children. That's what Love has to do with it.
*God calls both of these things sin. Their Biblical names are fornication (sex with anyone who is not your spouse--1 Corinthians 6:9-10) and adultery (sex with someone other than your spouse when you are married--Hebrews 13:4). Our culture considers fornication (premarital sex) acceptable, but God's loving laws warn against it.

King David blew it and Many Today are Doing the Same


  1. This is so true. Thank for the reminder. We need to teach our young boys and girls this truth.

    1. Yes, I tend to repeat myself from time to time on Bible Love Notes. I've mentioned this subject before : )
      But I know I need reminders that God's values are as good today as 100 years ago.
      Just checked out your fun blog. Love the name and look.
      Bless you,


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