Things that Make Me Sad--Eve

the Fall, Eve, Christ's love, women's insecurities, Genesis 1-3
This week's Bible Love Notes are a bit different from my usual devotions. They're prayer thoughts I had after reading the beginning chapters of Genesis.
Dear Lord, 
Genesis 1-3 makes me sad when I think of all the insecurities, selfishness, confusion, pain and sorrows that Eve passed on to me and every other woman. 

She had the perfect life, walking and talking with You each day, living in the garden paradise You created for her. 

I can't imagine what it was like for her to feel completely secure with her body, personality, relationships and purpose, to enjoy perfect health and a problem-free life.

Eve had every reason to believe in Your spotless love, but she chose to believe the Liar of all liars. 

She damaged Your perfect world and left us all broken. But You allowed invited us to have a relationship of wholeness in You. 

I'm saddened by Eve's sin and mine, but awed by Your love.

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  1. Paradoxically, it is our sin, and Eve's original sin, that allows us to see the full extent of God's love! Maybe that was part of His plan all along...

    Blessings, Joan

  2. I don't think Eve's sin was part of His plan, but no doubt He knew the choice Eve would make. So given the gift of free will, as with many things, God used what the enemy meant for evil and used for good for many.

  3. It is ALL about HIS grace.. Thank U Jesus....

  4. thank you for sharing this, Gail! Jesus died on the cross for our sins. all we have to do is ask him for forgiveness.


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