Atheists in Foxholes -Everyone needs Jesus

Atheists in Foxholes -Everyone needs Jesus, Pray for the unsaved
A WWII Nazi described the night Stalingrad fell to the Russians: 

"We have whispered tales among us that when the Russians closed the ring and we couldn't get though with food or mail anymore except by air, that the last wireless messages we got from within was the call, 'Send us Bibles!' ... One fellow who escaped after capture told me that our soldiers would beg for just one page to hold in their hands..." 

When I read this account, I was deeply moved. Some people believe that the reason there are "no atheists in foxholes" is because soldiers are simply fearful.

I believe those close to death ponder truth and purpose and recognize that God has always been with them: 
Never doubt that EVERYONE needs Jesus and keep praying for your loved ones who don't know Him.

*Hansi, The Girl Who Loved the Swastika, by former Nazi who became a Christian, Maria Anne Hirschmann

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Atheists in Foxholes -Everyone needs Jesus, Pray for the unsaved


  1. Every day I pray for my loved ones to know Jesus; believing that one day they will, whether I live to see that moment or not. Excellent post, Gail.
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  2. There are 'few' atheists in foxholes, maybe. But there certainly are atheists in foxholes. I'm one. is an organization by and for men and women who serve in the military despite having no expectation of an afterlife. It is true sacrifice to put one finite life on the line. As an atheist and combat veteran, I don't like the condescending concept here that 'everyone' needs to have your beliefs, but I do like that you recognize faith isn't fear. A scared atheist isn't any more Christian than an angry Christian is atheist. Go on evangelizing, but I hope you do will also recognize and respect that many people live good lives even under fire with an entirely naturalistic world view - no god needed.

    1. And yet, you were here reading a beautiful Christian post. Prayers to you

    2. As a Christian who has been saved, I am still a sinner, I have not been saved by "living a good life" whatever you define that as. I have been saved by God through divine intervention. I experienced a true change {softening} of heart and a feeling of peace in the process of accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. I asked God to forgive me, I forgave others and professed my absolute belief that Jesus Christ truly came into this world, sacrificed and suffered unimaginable pain on the cross,died and was buried. From that day on, something amazing happened, I wanted and hungered for more Jesus, more knowledge. I was so extremely humbled by this supernatural transformation. Being "saved" means Jesus hs forgiven your past sins, and has assured you eternal life with Him. I have no doubt as to what is going to happen to me when I die, where I am going and I look forward to the peace, beauty and love in the afterlife, whether it is called heaven or the kingdom Beforehand,I was wishy washy, not sure, I was living in the darkness, that is the world of the unbeliever. I had been raised Catholic and had become extremely skeptical over the years due to the hypocritical views, rules and regulations,etc. of that religion. I am a bible believing, Jesus loving woman whose greatest pleasure is to help in any way I can, those less fortunate. I am not wealthy in any respect as far as material things of this world, but oh so rich in God's Grace and Love and Peace. When you are in the darkness, it is all so difficult to see. When you are in the light, it is oh so easy to see those left in the dark. I pray for all who cannot see.

    3. I respect the manner in which the professed atheist shared his/her view. It wasn't in anger, but simply to share their disbelief in God, and viewpoint. I believe if we all can be more respectful, not quick to fuss the gospel....not what Christ instructed us to do..but to preach it...share it....then more souls can and will be converted and saved. This is a beautiful forum and just like Christ's example....all are (should be) welcome. Blessings to believers and those to come. Every one of us here needs something greater than ourselves, and is here by divine or devilish purpose. I choose the positive over negative. Wishing every one a good week.

    4. May the spirit of the Living God break through to you your soul and save you from hell, sir. I mean that with all humility and compassion. One day you will open your eyes somewhere...will it be heaven or hell for you? Only you can decide. Blessings.


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