Attitudes = Action

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She loved her husband deeply but refused to do any of the things that mattered to him, even when they were easy, but especially when they required effort. 

He greatly respected his professor but never took notes in class, never studied for an exam, and never did assignments. 

She honored her parents but rarely called them and seldom listened to their advice. 

Obviously these three descriptions do not define love, respect or honor. True heart attitudes are revealed in actions and words. 

The same is true with our relationship with God. 
  • We can't love Him but refuse to do the things that please Him. 
  • We can't respect Him but never study His Word. 
  • We can't honor Him while spending little time with Him and ignoring His counsel and advice. 
We don't love, respect and honor God perfectly--I know I don't--but let's ponder these three areas today and ask where we need improvement.


  1. This is an excellent example!!! Great post!

  2. Great post! Heart attitudes are reflected in both our words & actions. So very true & a great reminder. Thank you, Gail.


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