July 4th Picnic

Since July 4th is so often celebrated by a family picnic, I decided to provide a "picnic" of devotions from the archives that are related to our American heritage.

I encourage each of you to take a few moments today to read one or all of these devotions, and please take some time to pray for our country.

And may you have a lovely July 4th celebration!

You have a place in history--God has a purpose for our birthplace.
Livin' in Disney Land--We have been blessed beyond reason. 
America the Prude--The good news.
He Gave Up His Leg--Those who've kept our country free.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to pray, we have such a wonderful country, in spite of it's flaws. Just like me!

    Happy 4th to you :)

    Peace in Christ,

  2. Dear Gail
    Happy 4 the of July from a cold South Africa!

  3. I confess that I expected to find articles confusing the Gospel with the "American Way of Life" or right wing political views or the like. I read all four and have to confess that I just liked them all. Unfortunately many Americans confuse their political views with the Christian message, or worse, their government's military and other decisions with God's will and cause peoples around the world to dislike them. Whatever your political and other views are, thank you so much for not confusing things and for not using your blog to spread them. I always find sound teaching and Biblical doctrine. Keep up the good work. (Someone in the Third World)

    1. Thanks, João, for your kind comment. I appreciate the encouragement.

  4. What a beautiful and inspired post and reminder.


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