6 Steps for Getting Out of a Slump

Getting back on track when you're facing challenges and sorrows, Biblical ways to overcome depression
Getting back on track when you're facing challenges and sorrows...

I was talking to my sister, commiserating over some problems (i.e. worrying).

"I know someone who writes these really good 1-minute devotions called Bible Love Notes," she said, "you should start reading them." 

Sometimes we need sisters to get us back on track. 

I've mentioned it before, but just in case you missed it:
  • Most of the Bible Love Notes I write apply to problems and sins I have. 
  • I don't always practice what I preach. 
After my talk with my sister, I headed for my Bible and God spoke volumes in two passages: 

Matthew 6:25-34 

1. I'm loved by God (v.26).

2. He knows my needs (v.32). 

3. I can handle one day at a time as long as I don't project my problems into the future (v.34). 

Philippians 4:4-9 

4. Rejoicing in my salvation is important (v4). 

5. Prayer overcomes anxiety (v.6). 

6. Thanksgiving is essential (v.6). 

7. Dwelling on my blessings brings peace and perspective (v.8-9).

Thanks, Sis, I needed that!

Want to do a quick Bible study on this devotion? Then head over to Bite Size Bible Study.

Want some additional 1-minute devotions to help you overcome worry? I'm going to read them! Be sure to scroll down...there are six 1-Minute Love Notes about worry below this one on this link: WORRY


  1. Sister advice taken and given = LOVE

  2. Thanks 'sis', I needed that too! Hope and pray that you have a wonderful week. John 14:27

  3. Three cheers for sisters and for truth from God's Word.


  4. You all look great in turquoise ... my favorite color!

    Great reminder, Sister-Girlfriend, to take the biblical advice we dish out to others. Thanks!

  5. Great Bible passages and great promises!

  6. I the picture of you with your sisters. What a neat (that word dates me, lol) idea to wear similar colors. What good advice to read your own blog. I do the same thing. I write out of my own need and find it blesses others as well as me.


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