God Hugs

Definition of a God Hug and Why We Need Them

"Momma, Momma, Hug."

"Can't Grammy give you a hug?" I asked. 


We were watching our 3-year-old grandson, and even though he loves being with us, he wanted a hug from his mommy half-way through our day. Grammy's hugs just wouldn't do. 

It's true. Mom hugs typically bring children a heart-to-heart connection more assuring than the hugs of any other person on earth. 

feeling God's presence, Bible, God's loveThen there are "God hugs"-- those times when our thoughts turn toward God and we realize He's always there for us. God hugs bring us comfort, joy and assurance, and prevent discouragement and fear. And we need them regularly.

Today I've decided to stop throughout my day and lift my arms toward God as a reminder than I need a hug. Would you like to join me?
Several verses that are applicable to "God Hugs": 
Matthew 11:28, 2 Corinthians 1:3

Definition of a God Hug and Why We Need Them


  1. Good morning Gail!! That is such a precious picture of you and your grandson. It looks like at some point he gave you a hug!!

    I'd love a hug from God right about now. I really hadn't thought about God giving hugs.

  2. Funny, I thought of the same concept (giving to or receiving hugs from God) just a few days ago. Thank you for providing the methodology, Gail! :)

  3. opps, it is not displaying my name correctly. It's me- Marina :)I was happy to read your 1 min Bible Love note. Hope you and Mike are both doing really well.

    1. It's fun how the Holy Spirit can give the same thought to us...you in Budapest and me here. I love it. I hope all is going well with you. I hope we will see you in September.

  4. I love this Gail. I'm joining you. What a beautiful picture of surrender and love. I'm carrying this one with me. :-)

  5. What a precious little grandson you have! My mom always wanted a redhead!

    When my son was three he sometimes would stay all night with my parents. He loved them and was fine during the day but at bedtime he struggled a bit. So my mom would call us and we'd tell him we loved him and pray with him and then tell him goodnight. He slept with a picture of us right next to his bed, lol!

    Yes, those hugs from God cannot be matched. There's no other place that we feel as safe, as loved, or as welcome as in His arms!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  6. I remember one night as I went to bed having excruciating pain from Fm/CFS. After a while I woke up feeling someone holding me and thought it was my hubbie. But no, it was our Lord whispering to me that it was Him holding me just as I had asked. It was such a holy moment. Oh, we need His love so much!
    Blessings from Michelle's.

  7. Beautiful thought. There is nothing more precious than a child running to his mommy's arms...and how often we forget to run to our Daddy's arms. There is nothing more satisfying!

  8. What a precious picture of you and your grandson. Loved this reminder. God Hugs are the best.


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