Shiny White Shoes - God Sent an Angel to Save a Little Girl

My friend Jane shared this incredible story of her rescue at age seven. An angel saved her. Really! #BibleLoveNotes

My friend Jane had a rough childhood. Once she was left alone with a molester at a neighbor's house. But the moment he grabbed her, a loud knock on the door scared him away.

Seven-year-old Janey answered the door to find a lovely woman asking directions. It would have been impossible to cross the muddy yard without dirtying her shoes. But this woman stood on the porch with the shiniest white shoes Janey had ever seen.

Years later when Jane became a Christian, she felt sure this was an angel sent to spare her. 

But God didn’t always spare little Janey from difficult life experiences, and that’s a mystery that troubles most of us.

Yet Jane, who lived that mystery, had a peace about it all. She knew she’d have a shiny white eternity, and that was more than enough for her (John 16:33; Hebrews 12:1-3).

Sometimes we struggle with things intellectually that are only fully understood by elite saints who have experienced them in real life.

And those people are our angels, sent to tell us that God's love is shiny white and able to carry us over the muddiest of mysteries. 
Some pertinent Scripture passages related to angels:
Matthew 18:10;   Hebrews 1:14


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My friend Jane shared this incredible story of her rescue at age seven. An angel saved her. Really! #BibleLoveNotes

Bible Love Notes


  1. This is a beautiful story. I hope you reconnect with your friend, Jane.

    1. This is a special story to me because of Jane's powerful testimony in my own life. It's a pleasure to share it with others.

  2. Great story, Jane sounds like an angel herself.

  3. Wow. I truly believe in angels ... they are among us! Thank you for sharing this lovely account with us. Happy to have found you through the Mom Initiative and to now be following along!

  4. This is an amazing story. I totally believe that God watches over us like that. I know my story will be hard to believe but it's true. When I was about 5 or 6 I was nearly kidnapped by a man who just got out of prison and I was saved by a wonderful woman. I don't remember much but I do remember her getting me away from him and protecting me until the police got there. They caught the guy. I am so grateful for God sending her to watch out for me or I wouldn't be here today.

    Is that the same Lt. Col. Steve Butler who wrote that letter to the Monterey County Herald? I looked up his name on facebook (just in case you aren't on facebook) and came up with the letter mention. I hope you find your friend! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  5. What a wonderful story from your life...I hope you've written it down so others can read it.

    I will check out that lead about Lt. Col. Steve Butler, but I think it is a different person. In the Army they use the abbreviation LTC and Lt.Col. is used in the Air Force (and maybe Marines). A friend who also knew Jane sent me her last contact and it appears that Jane and her husband may have retired in KS. But I'm still researching it, and I appreciate your suggestion.
    Bless you,

  6. Hi Gail, I love hearing stories like that. Restores my faith and reminds me that God has His eye on everyone.
    God bless and thanks for linking up