Divine Crab Bite - Joni Eareckson Tada's Perspective - Romans 8:28

Joni, Paralyzed, Joni and Friends, Romans 8:28
Over 40 years ago, a swimming accident left Joni paralyzed below the neck.

Yet, every year she celebrates the anniversary of this accident.
It’s not that she wouldn’t love to be healed, but Joni has an uncanny ability to apply Romans 8:28 to everything in her life. 

For example, she serves crab at her accident anniversary to remember the crab who bit her sister’s toe that fateful day. Were it not for that bite, her sister wouldn’t have stopped swimming and noticed Joni floating face-down in the water. 

And on the 38th anniversary of her accident, Joni found special solace in John 5:2-6, where Jesus healed a man who was invalid for 38 years. The God, who lives outside of time, acknowledges in verse 6 that the man had suffered "a long time." 

Today let’s ponder Joni’s example and apply Romans 8:28 to our circumstances.
Joni's ministry: Joni and Friends


  1. Thanks for sharing. This was a wonderful reminder of our God who "works all things for our good and His glory." This is a great encouragement! God bless ~

  2. As a Job Developer for people with disabilities, I am familiar with Joni's story. Great example to follow not just for those with special needs but for anyone. Thanks for sharing her story! Gail, have you heard from: Nick Vujiicic?


  3. Love Joni! She is faithful and real and loves the Lord - what an example for all of us.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  4. Joni, has been and continues to be such a tower of faith to so many of us. God truly does work all things for the good of those who love Him. Thanks for the reminder, Gail.

  5. I read Joni's book back when I was seventeen. Her story was so real to me because she candidly shared her struggles along with her victories in the Lord. Having loved swimming and diving I always could relate to her accident. She has had such an impact on so many people over the years. Thanks for sharing this post.


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