God Wants to Speak

God speaks through different Bible translations and study methods, God is not limited by translations and languages
"The Bible was not given to increase knowledge but to change our lives." D.L. Moody

I have a Masters from seminary and 38 years experience studying my Bible, reading different Bible versions, using different Bible study materials. 

Over the years, I’ve heard people swear by certain Bible teachers. And I’ve met quite a few people who believe a certain Bible study method or Bible translation is the only profitable one.

But early in my Christianity, I attended a study with a woman who was intellectually challenged. She had difficulty with normal adult reasoning, yet God spoke truth to her when she read her Bible. 

God is not limited by Bible translations or methods or even by our intellect. He wants to speak to us through His Word and He will, if we listen. 

Open our eyes, Lord Jesus, so we can see wonderful truths in Your Word 
(Psalm 119:18). 

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  1. I am just realizing this. Sometimes God doesn't speak because we don't listen! We ask, and then just wait for things to happen, rather than conversing with God about the matter and waiting for his reply.

  2. Amen! God is no respector of persons... what matters is a right relationship with Him. However, I am also reminded that: "To him whom much has been given, much will be required."

  3. So true. Education doesn't matter as much as the ability to listen with our hearts. God will make things clear that we need to know through Bible study and prayer.

  4. I would caution against this line of reasoning. God is very serious about his Word. He speaks of it many times in the Bible. His word is Pure and will endure until His return. He also cautions against taking or adding to it. The debate over versions is an extremely important topic to understand fully. If you wonder why so many Christains today are divided over doctrine and beliefs you can look to the differences in the Bibles they are reading. The differences are not as subtle as you are lead to believe. The first deception of the devil in the Garden was "Yea, Hath God Said..." The devil still uses the same methods with us today to corrupt the Word of God and get us to question his commandments and promises. My purpose in responding was not to debate over the bible versions, but just to encourage everyone to not dismiss it as an inconsequential topic. I support the overall theme of this post. In the bible and throughout history God revealed himself over and over again to the simple men and women. To know God all we need is our Bible, prayer and quiet time to listen to him.

  5. Open our eyes, and hearts, to Him. Blessings to you for sharing at NOBH.


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