Jesus "Syncopated"

Jesus understands us, Jesus loves us
Syncopation is a musical term for accenting the offbeat, the subtle and unnoticed. And Jesus was a Master Syncopater.

In Luke 8:40-56, Jesus was:
  • With someone important (a synagogue ruler)
  • On His way somewhere important (to the bedside of a dying girl)
  • Surrounded by a crowd
Yet He noticed the gentle touch of a sick woman.

He was about to do one of his most awesome earthly miracles—raising the synagogue ruler’s daughter from the dead. But He noticed an insignificant woman in the crowd and stopped to heal and encourage her.

Jesus reads between the lines, sees the subtle, offbeat, and unnoticed, and He teaches us to do the same. 

We all need more syncopation in our lives. Today, let's look for that person in the crowd who Christ wants us to encourage.

Robert Galinas introduces syncopation as a spiritual characteristic in his book Finding the Groove.

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  1. I PRAISE HIM for stopping one day for just for me!!! May I allow HIM to use me today to touch someone for HIS GLORY!!

  2. Love this! I wrote in my journal today: "Jesus, thank you for being the Master Syncopater! As I read about You and see You moving in this world, it is my prayer that I will join You in seeing and responding to the offbeat, the subtle, the unnoticed."

  3. May God help me to slow down my comings and goings long enough to echo Jesus' custom of recognizing a need and caring for others.
    Great analogy, Gail!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm following your blog now. I hope you have a great week!

  5. Hi Gail, this is beautiful. Great reminder to look out for the nuances in ours and others lives
    God bless


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