She Didn't Know What To Say

comforting friends, don't be quick to give advice, Bible, Romans 12:15
During a personal difficulty, a close friend quit answering my emails. Years later I asked her why. 

“I didn’t know what to say," she said, "I didn't have any answers for you."

Like this friend, I used to think the best way to help a troubled friend was to give advice.

But going through my own struggles has helped me realize that the best "answers" are usually not answers.

Friends who said, “I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you,” were the greatest comfort and help. Their prayers helped me hear from the one Friend who never disappoints, never is too busy, and always knows exactly what to say!

“God always does just what he says, and he is the one who invited you into this wonderful friendship with His Son…” 1 Corinthians 1:9 (NLT)

If your friend is struggling with problems, don't give her answers unless God clearly prompts you to do so. But Let her know you care by listening and caring (Romans 12:15). And pray that God will give her the answers she needs.
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011 

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  1. This is so true! When my heart is hurting, I don't necessarily need to be fixed, but just need to know that someone is understanding of my pain, is available, and prayerful.


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