Why Christian Leaders Are Judged More Strictly

Please pray for Christian teachers like Andy Stanley who are choosing culture over Scripture.
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It’s always sad to see someone give in to propaganda and begin defining their faith to fit culture. And it's especially sad when it's an influential Christian leader. That’s one reason James 3:1 says Christian leaders are judged more strictly. 

Despite this warning, many people in positions of influence are accepting and teaching propaganda called gay revisionist theology.

This "theology" twists Scripture in ridiculous ways to claim God approves of monogamous homosexual relationships. 

More than ever before, Christians need to remember that not only are all of God’s commands loving and right, they are also clearly explained in Scripture. When people start explaining why multiple Scripture passages don't actually mean what they say, you can be sure it's propaganda. 

Most importantly, there's nothing loving about approving of a lifestyle that damages people's souls.  

It's no coincidence that as I was preparing my series on propaganda I read about Andy Stanley’s “Unconditional Conference.” 

It was described as helping parents and their LGBTQ children, but it was actually a gay-affirming conference, and two of the key speakers were men in same-sex relationships. Stanley's description of this event was a great example of propaganda:

“In a world that makes us choose sides, you will experience a conference from the quieter middle space” (source).  

Subtly self-righteous … vague … hiding their real agenda … choosing sides while claiming not to choose sides … presenting themselves as the voice of reason as they undermine biblical truth.

May God give His true children discernment to recognize propaganda and strength to stand firm.

Let's pray that those who attended Andy Stanley's conference will identify the lies and reject them. Instead, may they find hope, healing, and spiritual health in the true teachings of Scripture. For more details based on Andy Stanley's sermon after the Unconditional Conference, see Did We Misjudge Andy Stanley?  

Please see Confused Views of Acts 10, a passage misused by gay revisionists. And see Teachings that Bear Good Fruit, which discusses a faulty argument used by gay revisionists. There is a good purpose in studying these false teachings—it equips us to respond to them biblically.  

I also recommend the Sean McDowell video interview with Alan Shlemon who attended the Unconditional Conference. Shlemon offers some positive take-aways from the conference, but concludes that the conference was dangerous because it subtly and deceptively promoted false teachings. 

Image of Andy Stanley used by permission: copyright info. Original photo with my text added.

Please pray for Christian teachers like Andy Stanley who are choosing culture over Scripture.

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