Confused Views of Acts 10

Gay revisionists are making claims about Acts 10 that are inaccurate. This concise article explains what the Bible teaches. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

Gay revisionists claim that God wants the modern church to overcome its prejudice against gays just as the early church had to overcome its prejudice against Gentiles.(1) 

They base this claim on Acts 10 where God gave Peter a vision to prepare him for his ministry with the Gentile Cornelius. 

Let's look at the background for this passage
When God called the Jews, He set them apart from other nations to prepare them for their mission of sharing the gospel with all of mankind.(2)   

But the Jews misunderstood. They came to believe that salvation was only available to the Jews.

The Apostle Paul played the most important role in correcting this Jewish error (Acts 9:1-15; Galatians 1:13-17). But Acts 8:26-40 and Acts10 were also part of that unfolding revelation.

However, using Acts 10 to support approval of homosexuality is completely unfounded. Here's why:

First, ethnicity isn't the same as sexual behavior
Ethnicity is determined by our location, country, and race. It has nothing to do with our behavior. Homosexuality is a behavior. 

Scripture says our ethnicity is part of God's plan for us (Acts 17:24-28). It says Homosexuality contradicts God's plans and His design (Romans 1:24-27).(3) 

There's no comparison.

Secondly, Acts 10 confirms that Gentiles can be offered salvation. It doesn't confirm they are righteous or saved

If you want to emphasize homosexuality when you read this passage, you could accurately say that this passage makes it clear that Gentile homosexuals can be saved in the same way Jewish homosexuals can be saved: by turning from their sins (which include homosexual behavior) and living for Christ. See Acts 3:19 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

The reason homosexuality has been called a sin by Christians throughout history is because the Bible clearly teaches that it is a sin. It isn't a prejudice. It's an affirmation of God's Word.

God invites homosexuals to accept His offer of salvation. He wants to set them free from sins that damage their hearts, souls, and bodies.
(1) This gay revisionist argument is over 50 years old and has never been taken seriously by legitimate Bible scholars (source). But it's showing up in modern revisionist writings (e.g. Sarah Bessey).

(2) One of God's purposes in the Old Testament was to prepare Israel to be a blessing to the Gentile nations (Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 18:18, and Galatians 3:14). For this reason, God wanted them to separate themselves from pagan nations, pagan practices, and food offered to idols. In Acts 10, Peter needed some prompting to give up his Jewish prejudices. The New Testament continued to confirm this aspect of God's plan (Great Commission; Galatians 3:28; 1 Corinthians 12:13). Acts 10 didn't change God's plans, it fulfilled them.

(3) Romans 1:24-27 calls homosexuality "unnatural" and ungodly.

To read what Scripture says about homosexual behavior, see: Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality.

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Gay revisionists are making claims about Acts 10 that are inaccurate. This concise article explains what the Bible teaches. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

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  1. Thank you Gail for your words on this subject. I feel very disheartened by what is happening in the Church in the UK at the present time. More and more churches are giving in to the cultural pressures of our time and conforming to the idea of same sex marriage etc. The Methodist Church now has TWO statements on marriage - 'marriage can only be between a man and a woman' and 'It can be between any two people'. They affirm both statements. As far as I can tell from the Holy Bible, God only confirms ONE - that is, the union between a man and a woman. I am finding it almost impossible to find a church in my neighbourhood that still believes this. They all seem to be 'conforming to this world'. At the moment, all I can do is pray and trust in God. Please pray for the church and myself also. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Christine,
      I'm so sorry. You are facing a problem that many are facing in our modern culture. Here in the U.S. we can still find churches that stand for God's biblical morals, but more and more churches are giving in to cultural pressures. I pray you will find a good church with like-minded believers.

      Stand firm, dear sister, and may the Lord give us strength.