“Your Bible Love Notes are such an inspiration to me!”

Check out the new devotional book from the author of Bible Love Notes.
“Your Bible Love Notes are such an inspiration to me! Having such an inspiring email in my inbox is such a bright spot in my day! And of course, I’m eagerly looking forward to your book.
 ~Sarah Swaine, from Whitehall NY
A note from the author of Bible Love Notes and the new devotional book Wisdom for Life:

After writing one-minute devotions online for 11 years, I'm so blessed to be able to offer the devotional book Wisdom for Life. Many of my faithful readers have been asking for a book, and I've prayed about it for many years. And I thank the Lord for answering that prayer in His perfect time!

Wisdom for Life was such a wonderful labor of prayer and love for me, and my appreciation for the books of Psalms and Proverbs and for God's Word in general grew as I wrote. 

Actually, God's Word has been my mainstay for more than 40 years, bringing me through hardships, opportunities, joys, and sorrow.

I have a masters degree from a conservative seminary (Columbia Biblical Seminary, Columbia, SC), and I'm grateful for the things I learned there from professors who loved God's Word. But I've learned far more through my regular quiet times in God's Word and applying His Word to situations in my life.

Author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for Life Devotional
So, if you'd like a devotion written by a fellow believer who is now in her 70's with 48 years of trust in God's Word, I encourage you to buy a copy of Wisdom for Life and be sure to download the free Bible studies I wrote to go with it!

~ Gail 

Wisdom for Life Landing page explains all of the places you can buy Wisdom for Life and how you can download the studies after purchase.

Amazon and Lifeway allow you to read the first 4 devotions by clicking "look inside" or "read sample."

I also encourage you to read 10 Reasons You'll Love Wisdom for Life.

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