The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Christians sometimes tell themselves lies. This short devotion offers 4 important examples.

There are many false teachers in the modern church. They're attempting to redefine Scripture to satisfy selfish and ungodly aspects of our culture (2 Timothy 4:3)

But their lies are not as serious as the lies we tell ourselves, such as

1. I don’t need to share my faith. My job is just to love people. 

2. I don’t have time for a daily quiet time. That's just legalism.

3. God wouldn’t want me to stand up for His principles if it offends someone.

4. Issues like abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles are political issues, and I’m not going to get caught up in them. 

What Scripture teaches

1. If we genuinely love people, we'll be eager to tell them about Jesus (Matthew 28:19). 

2. The reason people are deceived by false teachings is a lack of personal Bible study (2 Timothy 2:15). In addition, time with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading is the way we get to know Him. 

3. Our job is pleasing God first and foremost. As Paul said, "If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ" (Galatians 1:10).

4. No matter how politically entangled some issues like abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles become, they are first and foremost moral and biblical issues (Luke 9:26).

Let's quit lying to ourselves!

Additional resources

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2. Daily quiet time: Mere Talk or Power?

3. Fear of disapproval: The Dangerous Trap of People-Pleasing

4. Political compromise: From VeggieTales to Situational Ethics


Christians sometimes tell themselves lies. This short devotion offers 4 important examples.

Bible Love Notes


  1. Hi Gail,
    Thank you for always telling the truth. This blesses me so much and helps to bring me closer to my desire to be as bold as a lion when it comes to my relationship with Jesus and my views on prominent issues. Thank you for upholding God’s Word in a world that is increasingly accommodating to ungodliness.

    1. Hi Summer,
      I'm so glad this was helpful. May God give us courage to stand firmly on His Word. God bless you.

  2. Replies
    1. If you read the linked article, it explains that Veggie Tales are a Bible cartoon made popular by Phil Visher who now does videos giving unbiblical advice.

  3. I am not loved by many. I am hardegat. Steadfast. But the truth cannot be a version. I know a lot more of myself as I get older. One thing I know for sure is how fake life has become. The daily agenda of being so accepting. What I realize is when we don't speak the truth about the gospel but share prosperity or legalistic bible; we condemn people to never find Jesus. He picks at our wounds , they must bleed to heal. Not a plaster to cover the ugly. I feel in my heart, once you know everything. About me, what else can you do. Nothing, only grow and learn. Hiding in our sin and allowing others , we all die in agreement and miss the everlasting love of Jesus. Its a poor swop and substitute for our self love, and acceptance, we seek everyday. i speak bible whole day. I find bible truths in everyday to share. A hindu lady now believes in Jesus. A lost friend now praises God daily. Because we tell them the danger of having the world and success, no reward everlasting.. only in Jesus. And the others that find me irritating.. Well thats their choice

    1. Yes, our love for people must include warning them about rejecting Jesus. We must seek to do this with love, but it will always be an unpopular message in our culture.