Lies About God's Word

Imagine this situation and it will give you insights into some of the false teachings about God's Word.

If I wrote a book about myself, I’d explain that I was born in the small town of La Junta, Colorado, but I ended up moving over 40 times, living all across the United States as well as in Germany and Hungary. 

Now suppose you and your friend read my book and when you discussed it, your friend said it was interesting that I was born and raised in La Junta and never moved. You’d probably pull out the book and show her she was wrong. 

But suppose your friend said, “Well, Coloradoans express themselves differently, especially if they're from La Junta. And Gail was born 70 years ago. Culture and language have changed since she was born, so what she really means in the book is that she never moved.”(1) 

This scenario sounds crazy until you realize that’s exactly what is happening with the most important Book ever given to mankind: the Bible. 

People are redefining God's character, His moral laws, His plan of salvation, His design, and His purposes for mankind. Using complex explanations about culture and language, they deny obvious truths in Scripture and claim it says things it doesn't say (Matthew 15:9).(2) 

Don't be misled, dear Christians (Colossians 2:8; 2 Corinthians 11:3-4). Believe what you read in God's Word, not what someone tells you it means.

(1) Yes, I was born in 1951, so I celebrated my 70th birthday this month. But I think I still speak in words that people can understand 😊
(2) Are there things about Scripture that are hard to understand? Sure, but they’re not significant. The major teachings of Scripture are clear enough for a child to understand. 

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Imagine this situation and it will give you insights into some of the false teachings about God's Word.
These are the major areas where Scripture is being “rewritten,” areas that are absolutely clear despite the many popular false teachings: 

Denying Hell and claiming universal salvation
See devotions in the collection The Heresy of Universal Salvation.
Denying God’s design and claiming He approves immoral lifestyles and abortion
See devotions in the collection God's View of Sex.
Denying Christ’s fulfillment of the law and claiming we must still keep dietary and ceremonial laws
Denying equal but different roles in the family

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